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Day – 21 What Makes Me Happy?

Thank God I have managed to jump over the #UgBlogMonthChallenge. It’s my 21st day! And that means I have successfully ended the challenge. Bravo to Okuya! I know am a little bit late just like I was in the beginning but nevertheless, here I am crossing the finishing line with what makes me happy.

Reading books. Both inspirational and motivational literature makes my day. You wanna make me happy, grab me a powerful book and you shall always watch that great smile on my face.

Listening to Music. Gospels would do magic though inspirational secular music won’t disappoint either. I renew my strength with dancing to these songs. Watch me dance when you play Good Father by Planet Shakers.

Travels. Touring and great adventures gives me the mood. Yes meeting new people, visiting new places and seeing great things is ever on my list of what makes me happy.

Praying and playing. Yes you got it right! I pray and play. It Whenever I talk to my Almighty God, all of my stress and fatigue is washed away. Whatever is on my mind and it’s disturbing is rubbed off. Football is the game, Blue is the colour! I guess you know what am talking about, Chelsea is my team! All these gives me utmost happiness!

Volunteering. I share my happiness with those who do receive my offerings. Contributing to different activities and being productive in all projects is definitely a source of happiness for every one who loves charity just like me.

Innovations and inventions. Coming up with new ways of doing things greatly makes feel good with what I do. This also comes with good recommendations and appreciations from work mates.

Leadership and Mentorship. I like leading and ensuring that both my folks and others are followers of right people. I find pride in seeing them do exceedingly great thing. This brings me great joy.

Readers. Especially those who follow my blog. You really make me happy every time I log in. You inspire me to be a responsible blogger. For I wouldn’t have completed my journey of #UgBlogMonthChallenge without you. God bless you.


It is all about knowledge sharing, I really love discussions thus your comments are highly welcomed!

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