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Day – 20 A Childhood Memory.

I took a deep breath, sat down and recalled some of the crazy memories of mine. They are crazy because they were the most funny ones and I could easily remember them. I decided to number them such that you too could easily remember me and them. Hahaha….crazy junior.
I remember those funny names! Yes when I was around 5 years old, I gave myself many different names like tangdero, (wooden table for hanging washed utensils) agulu, (a pot) kweri, (a hoe) and so many others….. I had those as my names until when I grew up. Every visitor at our home would go knowing at least 2 of my names.
Adventures and travels. I recalled moving with my uncle up and down. Wherever he goes, I also go. This was every time he could visit us. What separated us was my attempt to discover more, this was one movie night as I tried to move around only to get lost amidst many people who came to watch. He searched and got me at the end of the cinema. Better still,we travelled to many different places and this made me to fall in love with travels until now. I still do like travelling.
Six years, I was in primary two. I loved writing very neatly in my book. Those days for you to be granted permission to use a pen, you must be able to write neatly with it. Therefore I was allowed to use it since I was able to. So every day, I would steal my dad’s nice pen placed on the table and then run to school. It was an every day because the pen would get lost. 
Smartness! This was a personal thing I would never forget. I remember every evening after returning home from school, I would hurriedly change my school uniforms and then wash them. In the morning, I could insist that mum irons my uniform! If they fails, I wouldn’t go to school. This made the then headmaster of Unifat Primary School, Mr Oyelwo George to point me out as the smartest pupil. I was so happy and ever since that day, smartness has been my friend.
Garden work. I used to do a lot of digging and harvesting of çrops ever since I was young. I remember vividly when me and my sister would later go get some certain fruits (oyelwo is the name in my language) and burry them in the ground for it to ripen! But for me I would come back, pick them and take them to a another place such that we could all forget about them until they were ready. I was younger so I could easily forget it. And them we would all start searching for them. Hahaha crazy indeed!
Construction. I loved building houses. That was my game. They would cane me today for playing in the mud but still I would go back the next day. I grew up admiring builders. I recall one day, I built this house, roofed it with papyrus mat and entered inside to sleep. I slept and they looked for me every where until my sister went to check on my muddy house only to find me there! Every thing that happened later was indeed history.
Making our won toys. My parents hardly bought for me toys so I had to create my own. This was through moulding the sand. Me and my friend made trailers, trains and even tankers! We used to play with them and later kept them where only us knew. This made our parents to like us even more and allowed us to use the verandas as a place or playing. Even if we could dirty them!!!
Being an African child is not easy while I was still one, I used to like riding bikes and this was every bicycle that was home. Whether it was for a visitor or in the neighborhood, it couldn’t matter. Though I was allowed, no injuries were supposed to be reported since I was so stubborn. So it was a one Sunday when I got a very painful injury that nearly took my finger. I carried myself along with it for a week only for my mum to notice it one day. I said a dog had bitten me!!!!! She couldn’t believe it just like me.


Oh my beautiful memories! I miss you a lot!


It is all about knowledge sharing, I really love discussions thus your comments are highly welcomed!

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