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Day 16 – Religious or Political Views.

Religious or Political views, looking from the angle of leadership, I shall dwell much on politics because in this 21st century it cuts across. It’s every where you go though not MTN! In all institutions being it religious or charitable, it does exists.

Politics, it is a dirty game played by dirty people as commonly said. Our leaders who call themselves politicians aren’t meant to be our leaders. I think it is high time we embarked on leadership development. Many want to become leaders yet don’t want to be led. Yes it’s true and am among those people though for me, I only don’t want to be led by fake leaders. They think we are goods to be bought by them and this is the reason as to why many young leaders are emerging from all corners. It has started from the outside world and it’s moving to the church! Thousands of young clerics are coming into the picture. What does it show? Poor leadership being offered by the current leaders.

Commercialization of both leadership in the church and that of the world. Currently, you have to give money and money has to given to you if good leadership is to be acknowledged. Offertories is must give in most churches. And it is used by the clergy. The clergy have to give to the needy people first if their preaching is to be considered. Leaders must give money to people if they are to be elected. Oops! This is a too monetized leadership world. Corruption then sets in, bribery follows and every thing becomes just messy.

One word for leadership development in Uganda. Start enforcing it right from childhood like you do for other talents. Or it is still political to begin.


It is all about knowledge sharing, I really love discussions thus your comments are highly welcomed!

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