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Day – 17 If You Won Lottery…..

If I had won lottery! Okay, which amount? One Hundred Billion Ugandan Shillings. Are you crazy, I mean why would that even happen! That aside, let’s take it being God sent. I don’t know but I won’t first talk to any one for at least 1 hour!

Yes, one full hour and you know why? I would be assessing their emotions. How they will or shall react to the news! I would get all their reactions and comments before making any decision!

First things first. I would never tell any lady about it. Call be a selective guy but most ladies are emotional so I would hide it from them. Deposit my money straight away into my bank account and after one week disclose to them.

Later, I shall draw out my plans on how to use the money. Investment, savings and charity will lead.

On investment, 80% of this money shall be invested in different ways.  I would construct a real estate park, buy Stocks and Shares, set up a bank, an automotive industry and dive into the Treasury Bonds.

On savings, I would 10% of the  money. Yes save it to have a backup on my investment. To plan for it and invest later. And all these shall be in my own bank.

On Charity. The church shall definitely get a bite of it. 0.5% will be apportioned to it. I shall donate to the vulnerable people and orphanages the remaining 0.5% of the money. Remember am not giving to get anything, it is for free and nothing is attached.

That’s how I shall spent the lottery money! God help me get it. And again how shall I get it when I don’t gamble. Gosh! What a dream!

If winning lottery was my wish……….


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