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Day -18 A Letter To Your Future Self.

I would like to read this letter after 50 years from now. It would really be interesting to counter check myself, see what I had nearly or achieved during my lifetime and rejoice as I teach my grandchildren on how to be smarter than I was! First I would love to be a diplomat, so any post would do but preferably one concern with peace. Here we go then.


Your Excellency,

Mr Ambassador for Peace.

I am writing to honour you for the great achievements you got during your time of work. As you know life is meant to be interesting! You worked tooth and nail to ensure that there is peace in the entire world – something that could have remained a dream for some forever. You made your live and others to be full of fun!  You brought down boredom and did unexpected things.

Mr. Ambassador as you age gracefully, I would like to bring to your notice that your life has just started. I know it sounds strange to the ear of a gentleman who’s over 70 years. You now walking a journey of another life. Many do now see you as less productive yet you’re in the most productive stage of life. They say, what an old man sees while seated, a young man can’t see even if he stands up. You’re the old man now who will be teaching us about his life experiences. What we should do and when.

Your Excellency, you gotta not think of even death! You shall live forever because the legacy you have set before us won’t be forgotten. You have shown us that even Africans have got the power in their hands. They can be super powers just like their counterparts – the Whites. You have killed racism every where you set foot on. You clearly defined humanity and for once have brought unity in the World.

Yes, I know you will continue to spread the Good News that the Whites brought to us and even back to them You will continue to preach about non violence ways of conflict resolutions. The guns in Africa are quiet because of your efforts. You made every President accountable for their actions and more so for them to love and not loot their own countries.

As you know, this letter can’t say it all but even those few can still show how great and awesome you were! God bless You!

PS. I would never miss your 80th birthday celebrations. I will attend in person together with your great friends. In case I do miss, I know your friends won’t miss!

Bravo Your Excellency, Mzee Caeser Juninho Okuya.

From your old self,

Caeser Juninho Okuya.

2020 – Year of Corona Virus Global Pandemic.


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