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Day 10 – A Confession.

Confession is all about truth. I confessed many times especially when praying or in church. So here I will lay my confessions;

I must confess that I love art. Any thing to do with art drives me crazy. I love to draw, play, paint, sing and dance! Got you, like seriously would you imagine an engineer to fall in love with art. Oh yes, I do and that’s why am more unique from others.


I like being in the company of intellectuals. I say this because I choose my friends carefully, if you’re a friend to me then consider yourself being intelligent. I confess that the reason you’re my friend is that you come to add something missing in my life. You can’t just be my buddy when we are on the same level! Sounds harsh I know but that’s the truth. 

“if you’re a friend to me then consider yourself being intelligent.”

I love children. Like Jesus Christ said, “let the young ones come to me,” so do I say. Right from my childhood playing and being near children has been my thing. Luckily enough I had a special gift from God. Every child that I do meet becomes my friend! Unbelievable but that’s my gift. Thank you Almighty Father.

“Every child that I do meet becomes my friend!”

I am a virgin! Sounds strange and weird in this era of the thirsty youths. Haha oh my God, some may choose to believe it and others won’t. I am being raised in a tough Christian family. No sex before marriage!

I enjoy travelling a lot. Moving up and down, meeting new and old friends.

I am an avid reader. Reading about anything right from the word go to the end. If reading was to be categorized on a month basis, then I would say am in February! Yet this shows that am greatly behind, I must admit that you can’t dismiss re-reading a great book in life! This now explains why am still in February, given my age. I know with time I will achieve my dreams of reaching  December.

I confess that I was meant to become a chief! All this didn’t happen due to the instabilities that stole the show in my home area and never gave us time. Our tribe remains disorganized due to the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgencies. This has made me to become a self appointed Ambassador for Peace. Preach peace wherever you go.

This has made me to become a self appointed Ambassador for Peace

I confess I have a weird feeling whenever I meet a crush. Yes you know what I mean! I can even communicate to her with just my eyes. Who knows, she could even be the one with my missing rib! This is ain’t a joke but real truth. Though am still researching more about it.

I confess I am a staunch believer in Christianity. I always follow their life principles and teach my fellas about them. I dream to preach to the world about Jesus Christ.

I confess that writing has made me and you ( the person reading this) to know each other here on the internet. Don’t you agree on that?



It is all about knowledge sharing, I really love discussions thus your comments are highly welcomed!

2 thoughts on “MY CONFESSION.

  1. These are indeed real confessions. Thanks for sharing yourself with us at a deeper level. I enjoyed reading them and could relate easily with a number of them.- especially your being an engineer in love with art. Your criteria for choosing your friends reminded me of my father’s advice to me decades ago. He told me : ” If you are in an group of friends and you have most of the answers then you are in the wrong group, just move out to find a more challenging group for your growth and development.” I have carried this with me and sure time has proved him right.
    Keep reading and writing for pleasure, to study and to influence others positively.

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  2. Ooh great thanks. I will keep writing and inspiring others.
    Jane, please let’s choose our friends carefully even though they will say we are selective! Kindly note that our network shall be our net worth.

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