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Day 8 – Thoughts on The Uganda Health Care System.

What do you want to become when you grow up? It was a tough question by then! Asked by mum & Dad, I would normally reply that I wanted to become a Doctor. Yes a Doctor, I want to be called Dr. Caesar! This was all because by then I really admired the Ugandan medical workers. I loved how they worked with passion and grace. Though I still admire them, my love for them is slowly being washed away by the commercialization of the Ugandan Health Systems.
Ugandan Medical Association (UMA) is not well equipped to do it’s work well. But  still with all those struggles, they are doing well. Kudos to them and all medical workers in Uganda! For without you #NCOVID19 would have taken all of us.

On the #NCOVID19 fight, I give my Ugandan medical workers a 95 percent. This is an eye opener for the government of the Republic of Uganda. Look if you fully fund the Health Care System, the medical workers won’t disappoint you. But if you don’t, it will be as usual. They have shown you in the entire East Africa that they are the best. I salute the kind, selfless, professional, compassionate brothers and sisters who are soldiering to ensure that Uganda is free from #NCOVID19. My only prayer is and will be that the President continues doing what he started with the Ministry of Health, for with this Uganda will surely be a consultant for many hospitals in Africa.


Why! This is because both hard work and team work will be redrawn among the medical workers. It no longer be, “am doing this to get my small allowance and go home.” But rather, “am doing this to save his/ her life.” This sounds sweet in the ears of a patient together with his/ her care taker. Whenever you interact with a passionate medical practitioner, you feel safe as you will be served with love and care. You will always find this clinical officer at the Health Centres willing to attend to you. For they will not open their own clinics as a way of getting more money. Mid wives shall be able to help the pregnant ladies with deliveries at ease when the necessary work kits are available. All these will happen when there’s full funding for the Health Systems.

Medical insurance is the way to go! The government needs to pay for her citizens in order for them to access quality medical care. Uganda has no national medical insurance systems, this has made many to shy away from getting quality medical care. The government says she is offering free health care at her hospitals but in real sense whenever you go there, you will have to pay! Why lie to your own people? Give them the courage of a medical card which requires no single payment at the hospital. With this we shall have many access quality medical care. More so, foreigners are the ones enjoying these quality medical cares at the expense of the local people. God forbid!

A good health is as a result of good eating habits. The government must also teach the locals about what they should and shouldn’t eat in order to improve our Health Systems. Better still, we need to put our trust in God if we want our Health Systems to greatly improve.

Always remember.

• Wash your hands with clean water and soap for about 20 minutes.

• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.

Together we can fight #NCOVID19.


It is all about knowledge sharing, I really love discussions thus your comments are highly welcomed!

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