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Day 2- 20 Facts About Me.

Bonjour, now you can consider that you know me 20 percent when you read the facts below!

1. Productive. I love to be and do productive things all the time. You can’t get me bored because am always at work. 

2. Proactive. Anything that I can do, I can do it. Thus I like to always be among the first people called to do something.

3. Professional. I am a junior technician who loves automotive work. I do it just according to the way it’s supposed to be done. I have a well demonstrated work history you won’t believe if it were narrated to you!

4. Should have been a Chief/ Rwot! I was supposed to be a clan leader but situations couldn’t allow me. Things like rebellions generally disorganized us.

5. I am a shy gentleman. Not totally shy as you might think, I just don’t like poking my nose into people’s things. I simply mind my business.

6. An Innovative Leader. I don’t just lead for cheap popularity or politicism. My desire for leadership is to see that leaders are not just leaders but rather magnanimous leaders.

7. An Egalitarian. I love equality and do advocate for it.

8. A Debater. Yes I do love to debate any where at any time! Any topic, just bring it on.

9. A Peace Ambassador. That’s self appointment! I really love peace. Living in a non conflict world is what I have dreamt of for years and years. Every where I go, I ensure peace does exist.

10. An Avid Reader. My interests are in Peace, Conflict Resolution, Environment, Agriculture, Personal Development, Business, Sustainable Energy and Safe Engineering.

11. Learning & Kaizening. I love to explore and discover new things. Am both a slow & quick learner! Sounds interesting right, find out!

13. Always Smart. I hate dirty things & people who like it. Get me right, not dirty people but those who like being that way.

14. Prayerful. I like and do believe in prayers. They are my door openers and I can’t leave behind. This #14th Fact must go with you immediately after reading it. It’s my prayer!

15. Always Original. I don’t like compromising my dreams for others as well as comparing myself with them. I do my thing and get my thing.

16. Always Unique. I hate being on the same level with people. I mean a common figure or having the same thing with others. I just want to behave in a good rare way

17. Caps. Yes I really do love them, I can’t move out without them.*Secret. It’s my armour of confidence when meeting new people.

18. An Ambivert. A character Chameleon! I can adapt to any situation. I can be both an introvert and extrovert. Whenever I have problems, I became an introvert but when am free, am an extrovert.

19. Favourite International language. I love French but surprisingly I have never learnt fully. Oops sounds so disgusting.

20. Many Nick Names. I have got so many nicknames though my most favourite is *Agulu. This means a pot in a Luo language.




It is all about knowledge sharing, I really love discussions thus your comments are highly welcomed!

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